Arrayjet Company History

Arrayjet Ltd was established in 2000 with private equity from the Archangel Investors Ltd and the Scottish Government. The company developed and patented an inkjet technology to print biological samples onto solid substrates to create screening tools called microarrays. Arrayjet have been at the forefront of this field since commercialisation in 2006 and have a broad customer-base across 27 countries.

Arrayjet has strong brand presence and a respected reputation for high-throughput inkjet printing systems, dependable customer service and assay development expertise. Arrayjet was originally an instrument business but began developing a contract service arm in 2010.

In 2011 we launched Arrayjet AdvanceTM to offer a range of out-sourced services for assay development, printing and contract manufacturing.

In 2016 we added Arrayjet ExpertiseTM to offer services for consultancy, project management and training.