Application Science

  • Marisa Chong-Kwan

    Marisa Chong-Kwan

    Senior Application Scientist

    Marisa joined Arrayjet in June 2008 and was integral in creating the Application Science team within the company. Her main role at Arrayjet has been in the development and optimisation of protocols to adapt the technology to new applications, including the formulation of specific printing buffers, protocols for post-processing and optimisation of customers’ assays. Marisa has a strong research background and is a highly versatile scientist, able to adapt and understand a wide range of subjects and develop protocols where interdisciplinary knowledge is needed. She spent seven years at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Centre (SNBTS). She also had a key role in collaborative microarray projects between the Genomics Technology and Informatics Department of the University of Edinburgh, Alba Bioscience and SNBTS. Marisa holds an Honours degree in Pharmacy (University of Granada, Spain) and a MSc in Biotechnology (University of Strathclyde).

  • Delphine Rabiller

    Delphine Rabiller

    Senior Application Scientist

    Delphine completed a degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in chemistry, and joined Arrayjet in 2013 as a senior application scientist. Delphine has over 9 years’ experience in biotechnology companies in product research & development and customer support. Her main role at Arrayjet is primarily focused on Arrayjet Advance. This involves the management of the lab team, and the management of customer studies from conception to volume manufacture. She is also involved in customer support where she provides training and support to our customers to optimise their use of our instruments. In her spare time Delphine enjoys outdoors activities and works on various aerial skills on silks, trapeze and hoop.

  • Catriona Ford

    Catriona Ford

    Senior Application Scientist

    Catriona has recently joined Arrayjet as a senior application scientist, working with both the Arrayjet team internally and assisting customers with their printing needs.  Catriona will be specialising in data analysis and is looking forward to the development of her role over the next few months.

  • Sam Hawkings

    Sam Hawkings

    Application Scientist

    Sam is from a Biomedical background and joined Arrayjet in 2015. As part of the Application Science team she enjoys working together with customers to discover optimal printing conditions for their samples, exceeding expectations and impressing clients with the speed of Arrayjet technology! When not carrying out Arrayjet Advance projects, she is responsible for ensuring our instruments and components meet stringent quality controls in terms of reproducibility, reliability and accuracy. Outside of work, she practices yoga and enjoys photography, hiking and camping, both in Scotland and abroad – the former typically proving more challenging!


  • Maja Kowalewska

    Maja Kowalewska

    Application Scientist

    Maja joined Arrayjet in November 2016 as a freshly graduated, enthusiastic biotechnologist from Medical University in Poznan, Poland. She has spent almost a year living and working abroad, including England and Sweden where she became fascinated by the capabilities of modern science. As a laboratory scientist Maja is responsible for the technical aspects of Arrayjet Advance services, such as custom printing and maintaining arrayers’ accuracy and efficiency. In her spare time she enjoys live music, reading books and scientific news, independent cinema and exploring the city of Edinburgh.