Application Science

  • Adam Buckle

    Adam Buckle

    Lab Manager

    Adam holds a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Edinburgh and has a passion for technology and innovation.  He is an experienced Molecular Biologist with more than 12 years of scientific experience across a variety of research areas including genetics, genomics, epigenetics and bioinformatics.  Adam possesses excellent scientific communication and research management skills, and has experience using a broad range of molecular and cellular biology techniques and developing new methods.

    In his spare time, Adam enjoys being outdoors and exploring Scotland.

  • Denitsa Spasova

    Denitsa Spasova

    Senior Application Scientist

    Denitsa holds an MSci in Biochemistry and her interests lie in the development of innovative high-throughput technologies and their application in the research, diagnostic and pharmaceutical fields.  Her background is in biomarker discovery, in vitro diagnostics and she has experience working with contact microarray printers, before joining Arrayjet in 2018.  Denitsa most enjoys working on custom microarray printing and assay development projects.  She is also part of Arrayjets internal auditing team, ensuring compliance with ISO 13485 standards for medical devices.

    Outside of work, Denitsa is passionate about salsa dancing and enjoys travelling and yoga.

  • Alex Fullerton

    Alex Fullerton

    Application Scientist

    Alex joined Arrayjet in 2019 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2019 with an MRes in Integrative Neuroscience.  Alex's laboratory background is primarily related to motor neurone disease and mitochondria, and his masters project inolved testing if the upregulation of mitochondrial biogenesis provides a neuroprotective effect in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

    In his spare time Alex builds and paints miniatures for his 40k (Warhammer) army and enjoys getting creative with vegetarian cooking, including making pesto out of Brussels sprouts and walnuts or tofu pibil  Alex is also a dungeon master for a group of friends, and holds weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

  • Richard Chen

    Richard Chen

    Application Scientist

    Richard joined Arrayjet in 2021.  He graduated with Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelors in Medical Science, majoring in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Sydney.  In his Honours project he worked with a novel synthetic tendon graft in the process of development, investigating its physical and biological properties.  He has also worked with biotech start-ups in the area of biocompatibility assessment.

    In his spare time, Richard enjoys creating tasty vegan meals, hillwalking, and board games.