Customer Service Engineers

  • Liam Hail

    Liam Hail

    Customer Service Manager

    Liam started his career in the RAF as an Air Traffic Control Engineer and after 9 years left to work in the medical analyser service.  His next 10 years were spent working in the design, evaluation and testing of semiconductors in the Republic of Ireland and Edinburgh.

    Liam enjoyed 5 years living in Florida where he set up and managed his own Indoor Air Quality services company, then worked as a sub-contractor for Airbus in Toulouse for 2 years before returning to Scotland as an Applications Engineer for a microdisplay manufacturer in Fife in 2013.  In 2017, he joined Arrayjet as Customer Service Manager.

    Liam's interests include travelling, reading, watching football, walking his dogs and making his own wine and beer.

  • Chris Penn

    Chris Penn

    Customer Service Engineer

    Chris has spent his entire career working exclusively in the hi-tech industry and over that period his employment knowledge and experience has grown in tandem with changes in computing and communications technology seen over the last 30 years.  His job involves a lot of worldwide travel, a lot of airports (which as a closet plane spotter is a bonus) and a lot of hotels.  At the end of the week, after satisfying customer requirements, he enjoys flying back into the inherited beauty of Edinburgh and experiencing what the city offers.

  • Mario Luongo

    Mario Luongo

    Customer Service Engineer

    Mario is an experienced engineer and joined Arrayjet in 2019.  His employment history is varied and includes working in the AV and water industries.  Skilled in electrical installation and electrical commissioning, Mario will be setting up new microarray instruments and maintaining them, worldwide.

    In his spare time, he plays rugby for Lasswade Rugby Football Club (LRFC) and plays football recreationally.  He enjoys hiking and has completed the West Highland Way (96 miles) in just five days and also climbed Ben Nevis.

  • Ryan Mercer

    Ryan Mercer

    Customer Service Engineer

    Ryan joined Arrayjet in 2021 having graduated with an HNC in Electrical Engineering from West Lothian College.

    Ryan's professional background is varied and prior to joining the team he worked for company that specialised in supplying equipment to the EX sector.  These are environments that are at high risk to explosions so the equipment they use has to expertly-built, maintained and repaired.

    Ryan is used to working worldwide, having installed showcases in Qatar, Oman, Italy and Taiwan.  He also spent 6 years running an electrical workshop.

    In his spare time Ryan likes spending time with my family, watching football and playing video games.