Production and Design

  • David Crabb

    David Crabb

    Chief Engineer

    David joined Arrayjet in 2017 to head up the Development and Production functions.  Most of his focus will be on defining and managing the development and launch processes, and leading the team to develop the next generation of Arrayjet instruments to supplement their current portfolio.  At the same time, he’ll be reviewing the current procedures and expanding the department, to ensure Arrayjet is ready for growth and new challenges, championing engineering and operational excellence to reflect the requirements of a growing business. 

    David’s background is varied and covers predominantly engineering, operations and programme management in a variety of global electronics companies.  He enjoys skiing and curling in the Winter, and sails a lot in the summer months when weather permits!

  • Barry Butters

    Barry Butters

    Production Manager

    Barry joined Arrayjet in April 2004 and was originally tasked with transitioning the prototype development instrument to a commercially producible instrument.  He now oversees all aspects of the production process of the microarray instruments and associated equipment.  Barry also oversees all parts procurement for Arrayjet Marathon instruments as well as the incoming quality goods inspection. Another important aspect of his role is the close collaboration with research & development departments ensuring that any design changes or upcoming developments have a smooth transition to the production process.

    In the little spare time he has, Barry enjoys scuba diving as well as spending time with his family and long dog walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

  • Marisa Chong Kwan

    Marisa Chong Kwan

    Senior Development Scientist

    Marisa joined Arrayjet in June 2008 and was integral in creating the Application Science team within the company.  Her main role at Arrayjet has been in the development and optimisation of protocols to adapt the technology to new applications, including the formulation of specific printing buffers, protocols for post-processing and optimisation of customers’ assays.  Marisa has a strong research background and is a highly versatile scientist, able to adapt and understand a wide range of subjects and develop protocols where interdisciplinary knowledge is needed.  She spent seven years at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Centre (SNBTS).  Marisa also had a key role in collaborative microarray projects between the Genomics Technology and Informatics Department of the University of Edinburgh, Alba Bioscience and SNBTS. She holds an Honours degree in Pharmacy (University of Granada, Spain) and a MSc in Biotechnology (University of Strathclyde).

  • Joan Salvatella

    Joan Salvatella

    Software and Hardware Engineering Lead

    Joan joined Arrayjet in June 2015.  His role as software engineer and as part of the development team involves developing new features and products for our printers as well as improving the existing ones.  The most challenging and enjoyable part of his role is the development of Arrayjet's Camera QC system, the Iris, where he has to integrate our software to be compatible with printing.  Prior to that Joan worked as an IT consultant in his home city of Barcelona, and graduated in Computer Engineering.  He also enjoyed the opportunity to study a Masters in embedded and intelligent systems during one year in Sweden as a part of the Erasmus program.  In his spare time he enjoys surfing, travelling to discover new places and visiting friends and family.

  • Bence Karpati

    Bence Karpati

    Software Engineer

    Bence recently joined the Development team of Arrayjet as a fresh graduate of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.  As a Software Engineer in the Development team, Bence focuses on extending and improving the capabilities of the company’s instruments.  He is looking forward to working with Arrayjet customers and hopes to be involved in exciting new projects that satisfy his interests in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and biology.

    In his free time, Bence likes canoeing, hiking, and trying to cook delicious meals in the kitchen.

  • Craig Milton

    Craig Milton

    QC & Development Engineer

    Craig joined Arrayjet in April 2001 and was the first employee after the company founder.  His key role over the years has been in design, research and development which he enjoys very much.  Craig studied Engineering Design at Adam Smith College in Fife and completed a Mechanical Design Engineering Apprenticeship with the American electronics company Bourns.  Over the years he has been involved in many aspects of design and production.  Craig was the principle Design Engineer responsible for the climate control potentiometer which is fitted on many production motor cars throughout the world.  His wife Ann is an Artisan jeweller and he has two young daughters Elspeth and Matilda who not surprisingly both adore art and design.  In his spare time he enjoys writing, recording and performing music.

  • Alan Black

    Alan Black

    Production Engineer

    Alan joined Arrayjet in July 2008.  He is instrumental in the building of our Marathon instruments and enjoys the challenges and demands of meeting customer expectations and deadlines.  Alan spent 26 years working at Hewlett Packard / Agilent Technologies starting in a metal fabrication role, and progressing to Instrument assembly and test.  He obtained an Open University BSc degree studying Mathematical Sciences.  Alan is married with five daughters, two grandchildren, and his interests are wide and varied, from photography, cruising the world and gardening, as well as spending time with his family.

  • Fred Wood

    Fred Wood

    Production Engineer

    Fred's responsibility at Arrayjet is to build microarrayers to customer specifications.  He has worked in electronics most of his life starting in Ferranti Ltd, assembling and testing Laser Target Markers, before spending time in the Production line at Hughes Aircraft Corp, testing and fault finding Large Scale Integration devices, then Burr-Brown on their Microelectronics Production Line.  Fred also worked for Kvaerner Oilfield Products as Group leader for Subsea Equipment Module Production.