Customer support from R&D through to commercialisation

Customer support from R&D through to commercialisation

Arrayjet's approach is to work closely alongside customers, regularly engaging throughout the printing process to design assays that result in the generation of meaningful, reproducible data.

The Arrayjet Advance team will consult on all aspects of printing, including:

  • Suggested buffer formulations
  • Recommended substrate and surface chemistries
  • Spot pitch
  • Blocking/washing/post-processing protocols
  • Elimination of cross-reactivity

By collaborating with Arrayjet scientists, customers can be assured their print run design will require minimal sample volumes without compromising on printing times.

Arrayjet support extends worldwide and if an issue cannot be remedied remotely, engineers will attend customer sites within 48 hours of fault reporting.  This way, customers can be assured that interruptions to manufacturing runs are minimal and yield is maximised.