Assay Design

Assay Design

Our user-friendly software interface gives you the flexibility to design your own microarrays in multiple batches with limited manual effort. Arrayjet provides designing options and batch testing facilities to shape out those perfect arrays.


Areas of focus

  • Determining the production requirement and array sizes
  • Discussing core array contents and helping in developing a prototype array
  • Assisting in developing manufacture batch records for large scale array production
  • Creating suitable long term design options to support additional features on the array
  • Looking at alternatives for optimum printing buffers and substrates



  • Arrayjet can develop your array design with the help of our flexible 'Command Centre™' software. We provide software training both on-site and remotely.
  • Customise arrays as per your needs and give you the option to request additional software features that make your array unique.
  • Give you the option of testing our range of Arrayjet Consumables™ and variety of substrates that can produce optimum arrays.
  • Provide expert technical feedback and  advise on choosing the right type of materials for your array designs 
  • Volume and batch to batch reproducibility testing



  • Request training on our Command Centre™ Software Here
  • Customise your arrays by requesting a new software feature