Arrayjet has the skills, expertise and resources to help develop a new project or to enhance an existing microarray application that meets your production requirements. We offer a comprehensive service to match a variety of support needs and can work to strict timelines, we  also support business plan creation.

  • Understanding customer application requirements
  • Strategy making and long term project planning
  • Assistance in creating a phased approach to scale up production
  • Financial planning and process funding
  • Understanding assay limitations and finding a suitable solution to enhance production using Arrayjet's toolkit



Our team is available to educate you at various stages of your project. We use online portals and documentation to provide you with suitable answers that will help generate excellent levels of education and support.


One on one

We carry out regular meetings to carefully understand your requirements. We can review your results, data and protocols and suggest better alternatives to expedite your microarray experiments.



We offer feasibility studies, array evaluations and assay optimisation packages to demonstrate results at our facility.



We work with you to carry out correct implementation strategies of solutions, and support you in making the changes you wish to make.