Arrayjet's customer service team carry the expertise to install equipment and provide training on multiple aspects of microarray technology, troubleshooting, system maintenance and set-up.

When supported by scientists with a over 100 years' microarray experience, customers can feel completely confident that the potential of their instruments is reached.


Arrayjet's website provides a comprehensive introduction to microarraying using inkjet technology.  Application notes and case studies provide insights into the benefits of Arrayjet technology, whilst application scientists and service engineers are on-hand to provide specific technical assistance. 

Onsite customer training 

Upon installation, application-specific packages are designed for training at customer laboratories.  These bespoke workshops are designed to develop user confidence enabling operators to produce consistent, reliable arrays. 

Arrayjet visit 

Customers and potential collaborators are cordially invited to visit Arrayjet headquarters in Edinburgh, UK.  Agendas can focus on user training or simply offer a useful insight into the operation of the Arrayjet Advance laboratory.