Antibody Specificity Testing

Antibody specificity testing

Are you using the right antibody?

Whether managing a research program, a reagent company R&D lab or a diagnostic/therapeutic antibody initiative, you will benefit from learning more about an antibody before using or selling it.

Is your project influenced by the right choice of antibody?

Does the antibody actually recognise the intended target? Is it cross-reactive? If so, is it statistically significant and with what proteins? Does working concentration impact specificity? Is it recognising native or denatured protein - or both?

Antibody specificity and cross reactivity testing is a tremendous boost for antibody quality validation, offered as a service by Arrayjet Advance™. Arrayjet team can analyse any antibody against thousands of human proteins. Both native and denatured. At two working concentrations. The data points will traverse ~81% of the human proteome. We’ll deliver a detailed specificity summary with quickest turn around times.

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Benefits of specificity testing with Arrayjet Advance™ Services

  • Highly Sensitive: ~100x more sensitive than Western Blotting (Michaud et al., 2003)
  • Qualitative: Reactive proteins identified by location on array, not mass-spec of gel band cut-outs
  • Rapid: Results in days, not months
  • Economical and efficient

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Need a monospecific monoclonal antibody? 

Arrayjet offers its worldwide customers, the MAb development platform that will produce a monospecific antibody to your target protein in a flexible and customised process. The Fast-MAb™ antibody development platform addresses the urgent need for monoclonal antibodies with unprecedented specificity to native human proteins. Arrayjet can utilise its HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray for validating the final product, therefore your antibody will be screened for cross-reactivity against ~81% of the human proteome. 

Need an antigen?
Arrayjet has access to >20,000 human proteins from HuProt™ collection.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development & Specificity Validation Service

The monoclonal antibody development, production and purification, along with HuProt™microarray specificity validation, is a phased approach. It is milestone-driven project comprising of 4-phases, including client reporting and assessment exchanged at every step. These milestones represent potential endpoints that depend on the project requirements. 

  • Project Specification
  • Phase 1: Antigen and Immunisation
  • Phase 2: Fusion and Screening
  • Phase 3: Sub-cloning, Expansion and Specificity Testing
  • Phase 4: Production and Purification
  • Deliverables

Download monoclonal antibody development brochure

With HuProt™ Arrays, our Arrayjet Advance scientists can help you eliminate false positive results from immunoassays and reduce the potential off-target effects from therapeutics. For more information, including pricing, project initiation, additional antibody or microarray-related services please feel free to contact us.