Custom protein array printing

Arrayjet Advance™ Custom Printing with HuProt™ Arrays


Arrayjet offers the flexibility to select your own protein panels of interest from the 81% of the human proteome array. The Arrayjet graphical user interface allows you to configure the custom design your array of interest and acquire high-quality arrays with sensitive and accurate data sets.

With the provision of Arrayjet Advance, HuProt™Array customers are given access to scientists with over 100 years' combined microarray experience, ensuring complete, innovative and flexible solutions for bespoke assay development.  Beginning with visionary proof-of-concept studies, the Arrayjet Advance team will guide you in optimising your project for high-throughput custom protein array printing.

From R&D proteomic discovery assays to high throughout validation services, Arrayjet scientists are qualified to advise on all aspects of multiplex protein array production including:

  • Microarray slides, chips or microplates
  • Printing buffers
  • Immobilisation conditions
  • Microarray post-processing and data analysis

As part of its HuProt contract research service, Arrayjet provides customers with detailed protocols for approval prior to printing.  A complete report is supplied after every print run and batch printing records are available upon request, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.