Other Products and HuProt™ Services

Other products and HuProt™ services

Arrayjet aims to deliver a complete solution for all your characterisation, profiling and screening projects.  We offer a range of printed products powered by inkjet technology and outsourced services through Arrayjet Advance. 

1. ZikaProt™ ZIKV/DENV Proteome Microarray v1.0

Discriminating, multiplex and high-throughput

The ZikaProt ZIKV/DENV protein microarray which contains the proteomes of Asian and African strains of Zika, as well as dengue serotypes (1 and 2), is available with Arrayjet. This new research tool allows for the rapid analysis of biological specimens (serum, plasma, CSF, etc.) for high-throughput discovery of biomarkers that may be able to discriminate between these two very similar flaviviruses in a larger window after initial infection than currently possible.

The ZikaProt high-throughput platform

  • Planar arrays with the biomarker panel are provided to end-users
  • End-user applies gaskets and diluted serum samples
  • End-user removes gaskets, scans arrays and acquires results with the CDI software

Download ZikaProt brochure here

2. ZikaProfiler™ Zika/dengue Screening Service 

3. DNA/RNA binding 


4. ChIP-Seq mMAbs ™

Specificity-Validated, Application-Tested & Affinity-Purified Transcription Factor Antibodies -  Download brochure

5. Fast-MAb™

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development and Validation - Download brochure