Other Products and HuProt™ Services

Other products and HuProt™ services

Arrayjet in partnership with CDI Labs aim to deliver a complete solution for all your characterisation,profiling and screening projects.  We offer a range of printed products powered by inkjet tecnology and outsourced services through Arrayjet Advance. 

1. ZikaProt™ ZIKV/DENV Proteome Microarray v1.0

Discriminating, multiplex and high-throughput

The ZikaProt ZIKV/DENV protein microarray which contains the proteomes of Asian and African strains of Zika as well as dengue serotypes 1 and 2 is available with Arrayjet. This new research tool, allows for the rapid analysis of biological specimens (serum, plasma, CSF, etc.) for high-throughput discovery of biomarkers that may be able to discriminate between these two very similar flaviviruses in a larger window after initial infection than currently possible.

The ZikaProt high-throughput platform

  • Planar arrays with the biomarker panel are provided to end users
  • End user applies gaskets and diluted serum samples
  • End user removes gaskets, scans arrays and acquires results with the CDI software

Download ZikaProt brochure here

2. ZikaProfiler™ Zika/dengue Screening Service 

3. DNA/RNA binding 


4. ChIP-Seq mMAbs ™

Specifity-Validated, Application-Tested & Affinity-Purified Transcription Factor Antibodies -  Download brochure

5. Fast-MAb™

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development and Validation - Download brochure