HuProt™ v4.0

HuProt™ v4.0

>21,000 full-length human proteins, covering 87% of the human proteome on a single slide


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 Protein Content 

  • > 21,000 human proteins representing 17,374 human protein coding genes (87% of the human proteome)
  • In-depth coverage of major protein classes
  • Expressed in S. cerevisiae with N-terminal GST-RGS-His6 tag
  • GST-based purification
  • Fluorescent control spots for grid alignment
  • Spotted assay controls: GST dilution series, biotinylated BSA, mouse IgG anti-biotin, rabbit IgG anti-biotin, mouse IgM, BSA, buffer 

Array layout

  • HuProt™ content printed using Arrayjet Inkjet Ultra Marathon II bioprinter
  • Each protein spotted in adjacent duplicates, vertically staggered
  • Printed area:  21.5 mm  x 52.5 mm, 4 x 6 subarrays
  • .gal file with spot locations and identities provided with each array batch
  • Customised inclusion of additional proteins on request
  • Batch to batch consistency and spot positioning achieved for accurate data analysis


  • Standard surface: PATH® Protein Array Slides (Grace Bio-Labs)
  • Nitrocellulose film
  • Slide dimensions 25 mm x 76 mm x 1 mm
  • Barcoded for unambiguous and automated tracking 
  • Different printing surfaces available on request

Or why not outsource to us?

If you do not have the necessary expertise or tools to analyse HuProt™ Arrays, then let Arrayjet scientists do the work for you.  Arrayjet provide a range of HuProt™Array Screening Services at our Class 10K Clean Room facility and our patented inkjet technology is used to develop quality standards for any profiling assay.  Arrayjet's bioinformatics team will work on your data and provide detailed analysis.  Contact us to discuss an existing project or begin a new one.