Inkjet Bio-printing Instruments

Inkjet liquid handling for microarrays, diagnostic chips and microfluidic devices

Inkjet liquid handling for microarrays, diagnostic chips and microfluidic devices

Arrayjet are bioprinting specialists who offer microarray spotters and outsourced printing services using inkjet technology. 

Our microarray printers are compatible with all array-based techniques including forward and reverse phase protein arrays, oligonucleotide arrays and glycan arrays.  The technology is significantly faster (10 to 100 fold) than pin printing and tip dispensing systems, with key advantages in batch sizes (100 - 1000 slides) which makes for fantastic reproducibility.


Why Arrayjet?

Arrayjet microarray spotters deliver numerous customer benefits, including:

  • Sample conservation: the JetSpyder™aspirates directly into the print head without sample loss
  • Flexibility: non-contact printing enables production of high quality microarrays on a wide range of substrates, including microarray slides, MEMS, nanowell PCR and microfluidics
  • Reliability: fully integrated optical QC and environmental control included as standard
  • Reproducibility: inter- and intra slide CV values of <5% ensure quality microarrays with positional accuracy and excellent spot morphology
  • Sample preservation: the piezoelectric printhead protects samples so they are neither heated nor charged during printing
  • Surface protection: non-contact printing prevents surface damage
  • Flexible printing and precise spot size control: variable deposition volumes suitable for all applications, from 100pL to 10nL
  • Accuracy and speed: the printhead travels across the substrate at 20 cm.s-1.  Multiple passes can be made before refills are required, thereby significantly reducing the lengthy print times associated with pin-spotting.  In stationary mode, large features can be printed quickly.
  • Versatility: a scalable range of microarrayers, suitable for low volume R&D, large batch production and everything in-between