Microarray Printers

The fastest, most advanced microarray printers

The fastest, most advanced microarray printers

Arrayjet has been developing and manufacturing innovative microarray instruments for over 20 years. Our printers are unique because they deposit sample using inkjet technology, which is up to 100-times faster than ‘traditional’ pin-spotting or tip-dispensing systems. They also have increased capacity and can print up to 1000 slides (or 200 microplates) in a single batch.

The Inkjet Advantage

The Inkjet Advantage


  • An entire 384-well plate, printed in triplicate onto 100 microarray slides in under 25 minutes

Contactless printing

  • The printable surface is not damaged by contact pins
  • Piezoelectric print head does not heat samples or become clogged


  • Suitable for printing onto slides, plates, membranes, PCR chips and microfluidic devices
  • Printers are modular, and satisfy needs from R&D to large batch manufacturing


  • Precise spot volume: 100 pL - 10 nL
  • Accurate feature size: 90 – 500 μm
  • User-defined spacing: 1 µm increments
  • Low intra- and inter-slide CVs, <5% CV


  • Environmental control and twin QC cameras
  • Parameter monitoring and real-time print evaluation

How do our printers work?

Arrayjet microarray printers feature our patented liquid handling device, the JetSpyder™, which allows biological samples to be aspirated into an industrial-grade inkjet print head. The print head passes over the print surface and deposits sample at a rate of up to 700 drops/second, with no contact involved.