Command Centre Pro

The importance of reliable data in screening applications

The demand for high-density biomarker and drug target discovery arrays is increasing and with it comes the need to ensure full data sets are available for analysis.  In diagnostic applications specifically, it is crucial that missing features do not give rise to false-negative conclusions.

As part of it's inline QC imaging system, Arrayjet has developed an artificial intelligence software upgrade that not only recognises missing samples in real-time but also reprints them automatically.  

The Command Centre Pro is recommended to complement the full range of Arrayjet instruments and includes:

• Automatic or manual spot refilling for slides and microplates
• Advanced data recording
• Online print monitoring using cloud facilities
• Visualisation of system parameters
• Improved software aesthetics

Iris™ defect detection and automatic reprinting

In the unlikely event that a sample fails to print, the Iris™ will detect the missing spot in real-time whilst artificial software intelligence evaluates the likely cause.  If the software estimates the likelihood of a successful reprint to be high, it will automatically direct the instrument to attempt reprinting with the original sample still remaining in the print head.

The autonomy of the reprint function minimises sample waste by minimising the need for redraws and preventing the further missing spots.

Manual refill and spot reprint

If the software judges the cause of the missing spot to be a problematic sample or an empty well, the user can access an advanced print report which highlights the location of the sample well in the microplate and advises which slides are missing data.

The user has the option to replace the sample before beginning a manual spot refill run.  

Before reprinting commences, the replacement spot will be highlighted in green on the overview tab.  New images will then be captured by the Iris™ confirming the presence of the previously missing spot at the end of the refill run.

A link to the spot refill poster presented by Arrayjet at the 2017 Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) and the 7th Global Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA) workshop is provided below.

Technological Advancement: ensuring reliable data in protein arrays