Iris™ Optical QC

Iris™ Optical QC

Arrayjet has developed a dual-camera optical QC system, available now as an upgrade on our series of Marathon instruments.


The Iris™ system consists of twin cameras mounted on either side of the print head.  Each camera captures images within 300ms of sample deposition, moving across the printed slides in conjunction with the print head.

Iris Optical QC

Images are processed in real time: missing spots, artefacts, merged or misaligned features are detected.  Upon completion of the print run, print quality for each slide of the entire batch is reported.

These images can be accessed immediately and also saved for future reference and traceability.

A final report will inform the user of the percentage of imperfect spots on a slide-by-slide basis.


Users have the option to select a threshold for quality of the printing.  Percentage of missing spots and other defects can be chosen from the setup window before the printing starts. 

Positional accuracy and spot diameter variations can also be reported, if requested.


Arrayjet AJI Viewer

The reporting of the printing quality of each individual slide includes images taken in real time showing the printed spots and also the numerical data of the defects encountered when images are analysed by the Iris software.

A global report for the quality of the whole manufacturing run is also produced.

Data and images for each printing run can be saved in a unique way ensuring total traceability of manufacturing runs.

Defect Highlighter

The software highlights to the user the defects found and categorises the defect type such as missing spot, artefact, merging spots, satellites present or misalignment.