JetMosphere™ - Environmental Control Unit

Environmental control as standard with all microarray spotters


The JetMosphere™ is the standard environmental control system installed with each Arrayjet microarrayer.  By tightly controlling temperature and humidity, the JetMosphere™ ensures a consistent printing environment for reproducible sample immobilisation.

The JetMosphere™ uses a hemitically-sealed HEPA filter to trap dust and control humidity, eliminating the need for chemical desiccants.  Minimising airborne particles within the microarrayer is recommended for maximising the quality of printed arrays.

Simultaneously the unit controls temperature, cooling to 5°C below ambient, with an operating range of 15-25°C.  Optimal binding is observed with most slide chemistries at 18 - 25 °C and between 40 - 60% relative humidity (RH).

Microarray spotter

Advanced environmental control and filtering system

JetMosphere Max™

Arrayjet have developed a refrigerated unit for applications that benefit from printing at lower temperature.  With an operating range of 4 °C to ambient + 5 °C, the JetMosphere Max™ is ideally suited to applications that involve printing proteins and other molecules at risk of denaturing.

Additional de/humidification and a clean air environmental system make the JetMosphere Max™ an obvious upgrade for customers who want to conserve sample whilst protecting slides from airborne particulates.

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