JetMosphere™ - Environmental Control Unit

Environmental control as standard

Environmental control as standard


The JetMosphere™ is an environmental control system installed as standard with the entire Arrayjet range of microarrayers.  By tightly controlling temperature and humidity, the Jetmosphere™ ensures a consistent printing environment, allowing production of reproducible microarrays and reliable immobilisation of biomolecules onto substrates.

Optimal binding is observed with most slide types at 20 - 25 °C and between 40 - 60% relative humidity (RH). 

Eliminating the presence of airborne particles within the microarrayer makes a significant improvement to the quality of the printed arrays.

 The JetMosphere™

  • Controls humidity using a hemetically-sealed HEPA filter to trap airborne particles, eliminating the need for chemical desiccants
  • Controls temperature cooling to 5°C below ambient, with an operating range of 15-25°C

JetMosphere Max™

Arrayjet have developed a refrigerated, clean air environmental control system for applications that require printing at lower temperature.  With an operating range of 4 °C to ambient + 5 °C, the JetMosphere Max™ is ideally-suited to printing molecules at risk of denaturing.