Patented Inkjet Bioprinting Technology

Unique Inkjet Microarray Printers

Unique Inkjet Microarray Printers

Arrayjet microarray printers combine a patented liquid handling device, the JetSpyder™, with an industrial-grade print head.  This combination offers significant advantages to Arrayjet customers.


  • An entire 384-well plate, printed in triplicate onto 100 microarray slides in under 25 minutes


  • Suitable for printing onto slides, plates, membranes, PCR chips and microfluidic devices
  • Scalable printers, from R&D to large batch manufacturing


  • Precise spot volume: 100 pL - 10 nL
  • Accurate feature size: 90 – 500 μm
  • User-defined spacing: 1 µm increments
  • Low intra- and inter-slide CVs, <5% CV


  • Environmental control and Iris Optical QC cameras
  • Parameter monitoring and real-time print evaluation
  • Piezoelectric print head protects samples from heating
  • Printable surface is not damaged by contact pins

JetSpyder™: more flexibility, less waste

The JetSpyder™ is a patented sample loading device and integral to Arrayjet microarrayers.  Designed and manufactured in-house at Arrayjet it offers unique benefits:

  • Fast and efficient: either 12 or 32 samples are aspirated simultaneously, enabling up to 32 different samples to be printed in a single pass of the print head.
  • Economical: the JetSpyder™ transfers as little as 0.7 μL of sample to the print head.  Dead volume is minimal.
  • Sample protection: manufactured from non-hazardous materials and automatically cleaned between sample sets, the JetSpyder™ minimises the risk of sample contamination