Patented Inkjet Bioprinting Technology

Unique Inkjet Technology

Unique Inkjet Technology

As all of Arrayjet's inkjet bio-printers utilise the same core technology, scaling your process is simple.  This patented technology is proven to be the fastest and most reliable on the market, delivering speed and precision with the versatility to print any sample type onto a wide variety of substrates.

Compared with traditional microarray spotters, Arrayjet systems are faster and more accurate.  Arrayjet microarrayers combine inkjet printheads with the patented JetSpyder™ sample loading device which aspirates multiple samples simultaneously and minimises sample waste.  Top quality microarray slides are printed "on-the-fly" at a speed of 640 features per second.

Arrayjet technology delivers numerous customer benefits, including:

  • Sample conservation: the JetSpyder™aspirates directly into the print head without sample loss
  • Flexibility: non-contact printing enables production of high quality microarrays on a wide range of substances, not only glass slides
  • Reproducibility: CV values of <5% ensure high quality microarrays with excellent positional accuracy and excellent spot morphology
  • Sample preservation: the piezoelectric printhead protects samples so they are neither heated nor charged during printing
  • Surface protection: non-contact printing prevents surface damage
  • Flexible printing and exact spot size control: variable deposition volumes suitable for all applications, from 100pL to 10nL
  • Accuracy and speed: the printhead travels across the substrate at 20 cm.s-1.  Multiple passes can be made before refills are required, thereby significantly reducing the lengthy print times associated with pin-spotting.  In stationary mode, large features can be printed quickly.
  • Versatility: a scalable range of microarrayers, suitable for low volume R&D, large batch production and everything in-between
Arrayjet printhead; fast, robust and flexible printing

Arrayjet printhead; fast, robust and flexible printing

Arrayjet microarrayers are fitted with Xaar XJ126 piezoelectric printheads.  This is an industrially proven, multi-nozzle, shared-wall printhead with 126 linearly-arranged nozzles that enable Arrayjet microarrayers to handle up to 32 samples simultaneously.  

The innovative printhead dispenses samples onto your chosen substrate, printing at a rate of approximately 640 features per second: this translates into the capacity for printing an entire 384-well plate onto 100 slides in under 25 minutes.

JetSpyder™: more flexibility, less waste

JetSpyder™: more flexibility, less waste

The JetSpyder™ is the patented sample loading device used in all Arrayjet microarrayers.  Designed and manufactured in-house at Arrayjet it offers unique benefits:

  • Different samples printed simultaneously: the unique JetSpyder™ design can aspirate 32 or 12 samples at one time, enabling up to 32 samples to be printed in a single pass of the printhead
  • Efficient and economical: the JetSpyder™ transfers minimal sample volumes to the printhead, ensuring the usable volume of precious samples is maximised
  • Sample protection: manufactured from non-hazardous materials and automatically cleaned before a print run, the JetSpyder™ minimises the risk of sample contamination