Instruments in detail

Technical specifications

Arrayjet technology is modular and scalable.  Our experts will work with you to find a microarray printer that supports your unique requirements.

Technical information

(no camera)

Marathon Argus

Super Marathon

Ultra Marathon I & II

Input Capacity:

  6 plates  

48 plates

Ultra Marathon I:  6 plates
Ultra Marathon II: 48 plates

Output Capacity

Up to 100 slides  
Up to 20 microplates

Up to 1,000 slides
Up to 200 microplates

Print Speed

700 features per second

Environmental control

JetMosphere: 5°C below ambient, with an operating range of 15-25°C

JetMosphere Max:  4 °C to ambient + 5 °C

Humidity control as standard.

Optical QC Camera

Optional upgrade


Sample Handling

  12 sample low volume (LV) JetSpyder – as standard

12 sample high capacity (HC) JetSpyder – optional upgrade

32 sample ultra-low volume JetSpyder – optional upgrade

Print head

Xaar XJ128 piezoelectric print head (industrial grade, 128 nozzles)

Dispensing volume

100 pL to 10 nL (100 pL increments)

Feature size

40 µm to 1 mm

Print accuracy

+/- 10 µm


330 kg / 725 lbs

340 kg / 750 Lbs

420 kg / 925 lbs


1.70 m / 1.56 m / 0.89 m


220 V, 50/60 Hz or 110 V, 50/60 Hz

Target holder options for Marathon series

Arrayjet technology is flexible and a range of holders are available to suit different printable substrates.


Spring-loaded trays hold slides in place with a reloading accuracy of +/- 10 µm.


Trays support both microarray-specific two-part plates and pre-moulded polymer plates.


Vacuum decks are available.  These can hold a standard slide or plate mask, or a custom membrane mask.

Custom substrates

Arrayjet can work with your team to design a compatible holder for any substrate.  Our intuitive software enables accurate and precise sample deposition for nanowell and biochip applications.