Printers in Detail

Technical Specifications

Technical information

(no camera)

Marathon Argus

Super Marathon

Ultra Marathon I & II

Input Capacity:

6 plates

48 plates

Ultra Marathon I:  6 plates Ultra Marathon II: 48 plates

Output Capacity:


Up to 100 slides


Up to 1,000 slides

Print Speed

640 features per second

Optical Camera QC

Optional upgrade


Sample Handling:

12 sample Reduced Aspiration JetSpyder – as standard

12 sample High Capacity – optional except Classic

32 sample Ultra-low Aspiration Capacity JetSpyder – optional except Classic


Xaar XJ126 piezoelectric printhead, 126 nozzles

100 pL to 10 nL (100 pL increments)

90 - 500 µm

+/- 10 µm

Dispensing Volume:

Feature Size:

Print Accuracy:


330 kg / 725 lbs

340 kg / 750 Lbs

420 kg / 925 lbs


1.70 m

1.56 m

0.89 m

220 V, 50/60 Hz or 110 V, 50/60 Hz 





Target holder options

Arrayjet offer a wide range of standard and customisable target holders;

  • Slides: Easy-load trays with individual springs to hold each slide accurately in place with reload accuracy of +/- 10 µm. 
  • Microplates: Trays for microarray-specific two-part plates or premoulded polymer plates. 
  • Vacuum deck: Available with a standard slide or plate mask, or a custom mask.  The vacuum tray is available with integrated heating and/or cooling.
  • Heated/cooled decks:  All target holder options are available with integrated heating and/or cooling.  The temperature set point of the printing surface can be programmed to reach a specific temperature (-10 to +40 °C), or to respond automatically to environmental conditions in order to achieve dew-point.
  • Custom: Arrayjet can work with your design team to create a compatible holder for any target.  Custom print programming is also available for any target.