Microarray printers in detail

Technical Specifications of Arrayjet microarrayers

Arrayjet microarray spotters are scalable from R&D to batch manufacturing.  Contact us for advice about your microarray project and to see which instrument is most suitable for your requirements.

Technical information

(no camera)

Marathon Argus

Super Marathon

Ultra Marathon I & II

Input Capacity:

  6 plates  

48 plates

Ultra Marathon I:  6 plates
Ultra Marathon II: 48 plates

Output Capacity:

Up to 100 slides  
Up to 20 microplates

Up to 1,000 slides
Up to 200 microplates

Print Speed

640 features per second

Optical QC Camera

Optional upgrade


Sample Handling:

  12 sample low volume (LV) JetSpyder – as standard

12 sample high capacity (HC) JetSpyder – optional

32 sample ultra-low Volume JetSpyder – optional

Print head:

Xaar XJ126 piezoelectric print head (industrial grade, 126 nozzles)

Dispensing volume:

100 pL to 10 nL (100 pL increments)

Feature size:

90 - 500 µm

Print accuracy:

+/- 10 µm


330 kg / 725 lbs

340 kg / 750 Lbs

420 kg / 925 lbs


1.70 m


1.56 m


0.89 m


220 V, 50/60 Hz or 110 V, 50/60 Hz

As production demand increases, arrayers can be upgraded to meet demand from R&D to batch manufacture.


Target holder options for Marathon series of microarray spotters

Arrayjet offer standard and custom holders to accommodate a variety of substrates;

  • Slides: Easy-load trays with individual springs to hold each slide accurately in place with reloading accuracy of +/- 10 µm. 
  • Microplates: Trays for microarray-specific two-part plates or pre-moulded polymer plates. 
  • Vacuum deck: Available with a standard slide or plate mask, or a custom mask.  The vacuum tray is available with integrated heating and/or cooling.
  • Heated/cooled decks:  All target holder options are available with integrated heating and/or cooling.  The temperature set point of the printing surface can be programmed to reach a specific temperature (-10 to +40 °C) or to respond automatically to environmental conditions in order to achieve dew-point.
  • Custom: Arrayjet can work with your design team to create a compatible holder for any target.  Custom print programming is also available for any target.