CapitalBio OPAminoSlide (25 Pack) - AJC013

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CapitalBio OPAminoSlides have been designed and manufactured with DNA microarray in mind.  Amino groups on the slide surface interact by electrostatic force with negatively charged chains of nucleic acids.  When heated or linked by UV, the bond increases in strength.

Arrayjet recommends CapitalBio OPAminoSlides as the surface wettability is optimised to obtain homogenous spot morphology and reproducible spot size, particularly when working with long (>50-mer) oligonucleotides and PCR products, making it an ideal substrate for gene expression analysis.

Manufacturing and Quality Control
Each step of the slide surface modification process is controlled in a state-of-the-art cleanroom. Slide products undergo rigid quality control inspections, including contact angle measurement che

  • Optimised for PCR products
  • Surface active group: Amine
  • Immobilisation: Electrostatic/covalent
  • Dimensions (mm) 75.5 (± 0.2) × 25.2 (± 0.2) × 1.0 (± 0.05)
  • Printable area (mm)