ONCYTE® SuperNOVA Nitrocellulose Film Slides - AJC033

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ONCYTE® porous nitrocellulose (PNC) slides are the optimal high binding protein microarray substrate technology available. Invented by Grace Bio-Labs scientists, the three dimensional microporous film cast on a variety of solid surfaces (vis. glass, plastic, gold, tantalum) is comprised of a nitrocellulose polymer and proprietary chemistry that retains stable protein quaternary conformations providing ideal microarray substrate for a variety of applications. ONCYTE® film provides the best surface when performing reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA), antibody arrays, antigen or peptide arrays whether using colorimetric, fluorescent or near infra-red detection systems.

The film surface is flat with round pores approximately 0.1um diameter. Films are less than 20um thick, and bound to a standard 25mm x 75 mm glass (or plastic) microscope slide. The center-to-center spacing of ONCYTE® multi-films matches that of 96