SCHOTT NEXTERION® - Aldehyde-silane coating 25 slides/pack - AJC021

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Arrayjet recommends NEXTERION® Slide AL as a suitable alternative to NEXTERION® Slide E (Epoxysilane slides) when an efficient covalent, and directed binding of amino-modified biomolecules is required.

NEXTERION® Slide AL is coated with active aldehyde groups that chemically bind amine groups.  Both 5’ or 3’ amine-modified PCR products, and oligonucleotides bind effectively with this surface chemistry. The covalent bond formed at the terminus of the nucleic acid offers both stability and maximal base-pairing opportunity.

The covalent binding permits more rigorous wash steps which help to reduce background and increase sensitivity.  Additional immobilisation by baking or UV cross-linking is not required with NEXTERION® Slide AL.  Furthermore, peptides, proteins, cells, and tissues can be immobilised on NEXTERION® Slide AL via amine groups.

The slides are easy to use and are compatible with all Arrayjet microarray printers and scanning instruments.