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Arrayjet delighted to win $600,000 contract with CDI Laboratories, the world’s largest human protein microarray producer, to take production to the next level

  • Posted: 01/10/15

1 October, 2015
Arrayjet is proud to secure a contract valued in excess of $600,000 with CDI Laboratories, a US-based proteomics company located in Baltimore, Maryland and Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, to produce the largest human protein microarray in the world. The inkjet microarray printer, Ultra Marathon II will provide CDI Laboratories with the technology to perform efficient analyses of thousands of protein interactions using minimal amounts of valuable research on clinical samples.

CDI Laboratories primarily produce HuProt™ Arrays by printing close to 20,000 human proteins onto one chip. The purified proteins will now be printed using Arrayjet’s robust microarray spotter to retain their native conformation with utmost precision and to maintain consistency in this rigorous environment while sustaining high quality spot morphology.

The high through-put Ultra Marathon II microarrayer will also be used by CDI laboratories to print customized microarrays for other future applications. Arrayjet’s efficient non-contact piezo-electric printing technology is capable of printing 1000 slides in a single batch. This will significantly increase CDI’s production capacity for printing large quantities of protein microarrays whilst optimising array quality.

Scott D. Paschke, Vice President of CDI Laboratories explains; “The CDI mission is to empower research and development in proteomics with proprietary technologies. In essence, we create tools that help accelerate research by designing products and services to improve research in the area of proteomics. We are very excited about our new affiliation with Arrayjet. Arrayjet’s printing technology is certainly cutting edge and we expect it to significantly improve our capacity and quality. It was chosen because of its ability to print large numbers of high quality arrays with the least amount of quality control problems. Because of the printers speed and versatility, it will significantly improve CDI’s manufacturing capabilities.”

Iain McWilliam, CEO of Arrayjet commented; “This is a significant contract for us. Not only does it have an exceptionally strong international focus, but strengthens our proposition as the leading provider of microarray printing know-how and technology. The Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II printer is best in class for CDI and will give them exceptional accuracy, precision and quality they need to produce the vast amount of analysis and data for its clients.”

Arrayjet has had strong financial support from Archangels, the prominent Scottish-based business angel syndicate. Archangel Director, Mike Rutterford comments; “Arrayjet, under Iain’s leadership, grows from strength to strength on the international stage and this contract with CDI Laboratories underlines that, with a growing international capability, particularly in North America, Arrayjet is destined to be the partner of choice for so many pharma labs and biomedical technology specialists. I’m delighted they have secured this important contract.”

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