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Microarray Instrument from Arrayjet amplifies production at Reproductive Health Science

  • Posted: 06/07/15

Arrayjet Ltd takes great pleasure in announcing its recent installation at Reproductive Health Science (RHS), an innovative Australian (Adelaide-based) prenatal diagnostic company which is looking to disrupt the fast growing prenatal IVD (in vitro diagnostic) market.

RHS have taken delivery of Arrayjet’s high-throughput Marathon Argus microarray instrument, capable of continuous print runs of 100 slides. The microarray spotter will be fitted with Iristm the newly developed in line camera QC system which RHS will use to manufacture its pioneering Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening test called EmbryoCellect™.  This test uses a single cell or a few cells isolated from an embryo in culture to screen for the 22 autosomal chromosomes and two sex chromosomes required in a viable embryo.

Aneuploidy status is a key determinant in the implantation success rate of the embryo during IVF and the sector has been heavily targeted by major players such as Illumina and Agilent in recent years.

The RHS investment in Arrayjet’s robust Argustm microarray instrument builds on the existing relationship between the two companies and will allow RHS to roll out its worldwide growth strategy in the coming months. RHS have distribution agreements  already in place in India, Israel, Southern Africa and Turkey with further announcements expected.

Iain McWilliam, CEO of Arrayjet comments;

“RHS is at the cutting edge of IVD technology and we are delighted they have chosen us to partner them at this exciting phase of their development. The Marathon Argustm will provide the means to effect fast and accurate microarray production giving RHS confidence in their diagnostic products.”

Both Iain McWilliam and Dr Michelle Fraser, CEO RHS are confident this partnership will help propel both companies into the mainstream of the IVF diagnostics market, which is growing at 10 % pa.

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