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Arrayjet inks a 'major' boost from $250,000 contract win with New York Bioscience Cluster

  • Posted: 28/03/17

Arrayjet, the Midlothian-based microarray instrumentation company, has secured a contract with/within The New York Bioscience Cluster, one of America’s premier medical education and biomedical research facilities.

The Bronx-based bioscience cluster continues to ‘future proof’ its microarray printing development, improve its research services and grow its client base.  It continues a quest to target important problems of human health and development.

This is done through its wide and varied research programs for diseases and disorders related to immunology cancer, diabetes, liver function and a raft of other areas where gene expression in cells are prevalent and much of this work will be assisted by Arrayjet’s Marathon Argus™, high throughput bio-printer in a contract worth around USD250000 to the Midlothian company.

Microarray sampling is at the core of this research, as is the development to significantly reduce the margin of error in printed array slides. Arrayjet’s optical inspection and automated image analysis system has added a significant step-change in identifying where any errors might exist and eradicate them. This has revolutionised Quality Control procedures using Arrayjet’s Iris Optical QC™ image analysis system.

This now gives The New York Bioscience Cluster a guarantee that each printed array slide produced delivers a continuously consistent product quality, which is not only financially cost-effective in the long term but improves the quality of arrays, increases yields and throughput, which in turn, improves productivity. Moreover, it facilitates the automatic detection of defects in microarray ‘spots’ as well as customising their data report and quality control threshold criteria.

The New York Bioscience Cluster is also supported through Arrayjet Advance – the outsourced customised microarray printing services which Arrayjet launched in 2011. This allows the facility to access application support through the wealth of scientific expertise at Arrayjet HQ. The Arrayjet team performed a proof of principle studies for protein and DNA printing prior to purchase, to determine the suitability of its technology.

Arrayjet is supported by investment from the Archangels business angel syndicate and Scottish Enterprise.


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