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Command Centre™ software v2.3.2 release

  • Posted: 18/11/20

Arrayjet’s development team has continued to work during the pandemic to refine new software features that allow you to print arrays faster and even more reliably than before. This functionality is available exclusively with Command Centre Pro™ (CCP) from Arrayjet.

Instrument productivity improvements
Simply enable High Frequency Printing via the user interface, and the CCP software will intuitively suggest ways to shorten your print run.

Larger spots in a single pass
An impressive 1.8 nL can now be deposited in a single pass of the print head (previous maximum was 0.6 nL). This means that large spot arrays can be printed up to 3 x faster with High Frequency Printing.

Change your samples, not your buffer
The new Barrier Buffer feature enables users to switch applications without needing to change the system buffer. This minimises downtime and enables users to move back and forth between different assays at their convenience. This feature has been trialled successfully with beta customers running applications including protein-protein interactions and small molecule screening, and we’re now keen to gather customer feedback for even further improvements.

Aspiration monitoring and auto-recovery of low K
CCP now automatically monitors the hydraulic pressure profile of every sample aspiration. If air is detected in the system, for example from a missing sample or a bubble, a high-pressure purge is automatically performed and hydraulic stiffness validated before the run proceeds. The result is uninterrupted printing, and  even more reassurance against missing spots.

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