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Webinar: Protein Microarrays for Systematical Deciphering of SARS-CoV-2 Specific Humoral Immune Responses

  • Posted: 02/06/21

Arrayjet welcomes Sheng-ce Tao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  The Tao Lab constructed a SARS-CoV-2 protein microarray with 21 proteins and a peptide microarray with 197 peptides that fully covers the spike protein. 

By applying these two arrays, they analysed the antibody responses of 1,051 COVID-19 patients, and generated a comprehensive antibody response (IgG and IgM) landscape.  Through this landscape, the team identified potential biomarkers for predicting the severity and outcome of the patients.

Furthermore, this landscape will facilitate our understanding of SARS-CoV-2-specific humoral responses and might be useful for vaccine refinement.

Register for free here, and join us on Thursday June 10th at 9am BST / 4pm CST.

All sessions include a live Q&A session, and on-demand access will be available after the event.

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