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Arrayjet secures $1 million bioprinter contract with world's largest protein microarray producer

Arrayjet secures $1 million bioprinter contract with world's largest protein microarray producer

  • Posted: 15/07/20

Arrayjet, the Scottish-based microarray instrumentation company has secured a further contract with US-based Proteomics company, CDI Laboratories, located in Baltimore, Maryland and Mayaguez, Puerto Rico which will further enhance CDI’s work in advancing proteomic research and development.

The contract value is circa $1million and is the second Arrayjet install at CDI. As part of the deal a second Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II will be installed . This new instrument features the  IRIS Optical QC system which has a dual camera mounted on either side of the printhead for enhanced QC capabilities .

This follows on from the deployment of Arrayjet’s Ultra Marathon II high throughput microarray printer back in 2015. This enables CDI Laboratories to perform efficient analyses of thousands of protein interactions using minimal amounts of valuable research or clinical samples.

CDI Laboratories produces the largest protein microarray in the world.  Printing close to 22,000 proteins on one chip requires the utmost precision and quality regarding spot morphology. Additionally, since the proteins are purified and printed to retain the proteins native conformation, the ability of the printer to maintain consistency in this rigorous environment is vital.

Therefore, CDI will use its new  Arrayjet Ultra Marathon II to print its HuProt™ protein microarrays that contain  81% of the human proteome.  In addition, the Ultra Marathon II will be used to print customized protein microarrays and, eventually, antibody microarrays.

CDI expects that the purchase of Arrayjet’s Ultra Marathon II will improve CDI’s ability to print large quantities of protein and antibody microarrays whilst significantly optimising quality. The laboratory currently has patents in process for a number of related technologies to increase high through put analysis of protein-to-protein interactions, antibodies and biomarker identification processes.

CDI Laboratories provides analysis across academia and the pharmaceutical industry in areas such as autoimmune research, cancer biomarkers, cancer biological therapeutic research and vaccine production, so strong R&D and the correct tools are essential to providing the best possible service, as Scott D. Paschke, Vice President of CDI Laboratories explains;

“The CDI mission is to empower research and development in proteomics with proprietary technologies. In essence, we create tools that help accelerate research by designing tools to improve research in the area of proteomics.

We are very excited about our continued affiliation with Arrayjet.  ArrayJet’s printing technology is certainly cutting edge and we expect it to significantly improve our capacity and quality. It was chosen because of its ability to print large numbers of high quality arrays with the least amount of quality control problems. Because of the printer’s speed and versatility, it will significantly improve CDI’s manufacturing capabilities and enable us to meet increasing customer demand.”

Gavin Boothroyd, Commercial Manager, North America for Arrayjet commented;

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with CDI and to continue to play an integral part in helping them achieve their growth plans. The contract is a great endorsement of our technology and capabilities for accuracy, precision and quality. It also demonstrates the best in class customer support that Arrayjet provides to all clients"

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