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Webinar: High-density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics

  • Posted: 04/02/20

Supported by the resource of more than 42,000 unique human protein fragments generated within the Human Protein Atlas, representing more than 18 000 human protein-coding genes, SciLifeLab offers proteome-wide screening for autoantibody reactivity on high-density microarrays in individual or pooled samples, as well as solutions for the investigation of autoantibody repertoires in patient samples.

Join Arrayjet on April 23rd for a webinar co-hosted by Ronald Sjöberg and learn how protein arrays are integral to running his facility.  Following the presentation, you will have the chance to pose questions to Ronald in a live Q&A session.  A second speaker will be confirmed in the near future.

The webinar will be made available to view after the event at: Arrayjet: High-density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics 

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