Latest News

  • Arrayjet receives ISO 13485 accreditation

    • Posted: 22/07/19

    Arrayjet is pleased to announce their recent ISO 13485 accreditation and all internal auditors have successfully completed their training.  We look forward to working on new and exciting projects that come with being certified to manufacture medical devices.

  • Arrayjet install a new microarrayer in the USA

    • Posted: 07/05/19

    Long-term Arrayjet customer The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) have upgraded to a Super Marathon with 32JS JetSpyder™.  The new microarray printer is capable of managing up to 48 source plates containing over 18,000 samples.

  • Prof. Sheng-ce Tao uses a Marathon Argus microarrayer to print protein and lectin microarrays

    • Posted: 22/03/19

    We are proud to announce the installation of a Marathon Argus microarray printer in The Tao Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  Prof. Sheng-ce Tao worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Prof. Heng Zhu, creator of HuProt™, the world's largest full-length functional protein microarray.

    The versatility of Arrayjet microarrayers enables researchers at The Tao Lab to create protein microarrays and lectin arrays using the same printer.  A 32-sample JetSpyder™ allows the team to print high content arrays with unparalleled speed, leaving scientists with more time to focus on their research.

  • Arrayjet install their first microarray spotter in Japan

    • Posted: 26/02/19

    Arrayjet is delighted to announce the installation of our first microarray printer in Tokyo, Japan.  We wish the team great success and look forward to reading the research output that follows.