Arrayjet Case Studies

Arrayjet scientists work closely with customers to ensure all aspects of their application are optimised.

Over time, a selection of case studies will be released detailing how Arrayjet technology has improved productivity for researchers, worldwide

CDI Laboratories, Baltimore, USA

The largest Human Proteome Array (CDI's HuProt™) is printed with Arrayjet inkjet bio-printing technology.  

Before transferring from their traditional pin-printing technology, CDI were experiencing frequent production delays, loss of yield, batch inconsistency and sample waste.

Arrayjet provided an end-to-end solution, optimising each step of the CDI printing process to ensure a quality product at the end of every print run.  CDI HuProt arrays are now used by researchers worldwide to explore:

  • Antibody specificity
  • DNA/RNA binding
  • Autoimmune profiling
  • Enzyme substrate identification
  • Small molecule profiling
  • Protein-protein interaction

Read their story here: CDI HuProt™ case study

HuProt™ v3.0 is now commercially available, with nearly 75% of the human proteome on a single glass slide: HuProt™ v3.0