Microarray Applications

Arrayjet successfully support a wide range of applications in the life science and pharmaceutical industry. We have an extensive client base through Arrayjet Advance Services and a global presence with over 100 instrument installations worldwide. Please find a list of applications we are currently able to support:

  Sample Type Microarray Applications Arrayjet Users
1 Proteins, peptides, antibodies and antigens
  • immunoassay detection                                           
  • protein interactions
  • autoantibody profiling (diagnostics of autoimmune disease is topical just now)
  • biomarker discovery and validation
  • multiplex assays -ELISA
  • enzyme substrate identification & sensitivity profiling
  • proteomics departments
  • protein manufacturers
  • research institutes
  • diagnostics companies
2 DNA, nucleotides, primers, oligos, RNA and miRNA
  • CGH Customization Services
  • microRNA Array Services
  • expression Profiling Array Services
  • transcription Factor Activity Profiling
  • high throughput hybridoma screening
  • plant genetics sutainilbilty
  • genomics departments
  • diagnostic companies
  • transcriptomics departments
  • research institutes
3 cell lysates and tissue microarrays
  • cell heterogeneity        
  • cell printing and screening
  • cell signalling
  • copy number variation and cell count *
  • tissue microarrays
  • prenatal testing and fatal tissue
  • pathology departments
  • histopathology
  • tissue solution companies
  • research institutes
4 glycans , carbohydrates and lipids
  • plant glycans
  • extracellulose matrix
  • plant diseases
  • glycolipids and glycoprotein anaylsis
  • agricultural institutes
  • plant and environmental science companies
  • botanicals and vegetation
  • plant and seed manufacturers
5 viruses, cancer research and disease detection
  • HIV virus screening, Clostridium Difficile-Dissociated disease, diagnosis of candida albicans infection, HPV screening , Hep B virus screening, Gastrointestinal (GI) tract bacteria detection
  • IVD market with its newly developed EmbryoCellecTM test for Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening
  • stem cell analysis
  • biomolecular screening and cardiovascular drug discovery , myocardial infarction and heart failure
  • Vaccine target discovery and drug targeting
  • oncology departments
  • cancer research centres
  • biomanufacture companies
  • pregnancy and neonatal care
  • research institutes
6 polymers, nano particles and biomolecules
  • microfluidics
  • microneedles
  • cancer biomarker analysis
  • Electronic microchip-based solutions to enable faster, simpler and more cost-effective DNA analysis
  • microfluidic companies
  • microneedle conferences
  • reduced harm nicotine products
  • research institutes
7 food extracts and animal specimens
  • food allergens and food extracts or contaminates in food screening
  • E.coli or food contaminant screening
  • food intolerances
  • animal health - field of quality assurance of medicines for animals and feed, as well as the safety of animal products
  • infertility, rheumatology, sports medicine, dermatology and pulmonology
  • whiskey, fermentation, brewing companies
  • food analysis and R&D companies
  • veterinary - government
  • pharmaceutical
  • research institutes
8 small molecules
  • drug development
  • clinical trials
  • drug targeting
  • point of care diagnostics
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • drug development companies
  • research institutes