Microarray Webinars

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Coming up in early 2021...

CDI Laboratories will be joining us to talk about the fast-moving field of biomarker discovery, and how biomarkers can serve to diagnose disease, as well as monitor patient responses to treatment.  A selection of relevant publications are available online, and will give you a useful introduction and taste of what to expect during the webinar.

Professor William Willats will be joining us from Newcastle University.  In this webinar, we'll learn how plants respond and adapt to their environment, and how high-throughput carbohydrate microarrays enable analysis of very large sets of biological samples, helping researchers to decipher complex profiles of plant carbohydrates.

Manuel Fuentes will be teaching us about a relatively new technique he developed with Joshua LaBaer: Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Arrays (NAPPA).  As well as the key advantages of high sensitivity and specificity of the array platform, NAPPA technology involves in vitro protein transcription and translation.  This avoids the need for expensive and time-consuming protein purification, and can be applied to biomarker discovery, examining protein-protein interactions and numerous other applications.

High-Density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics

Arrayjet welcomes Ronald Sjöberg and August Jernbom Falk from the KTH affinity proteomics group at the SciLifeLab in Stockholm to discuss the high-density protein array developed by the Peter Nilsson group. 

Ronald heads up the Autoimmunity Profiling facility and supported by the Human Protein Atlas offers proteome-wide screening for autoantibody reactivity, epitope mapping, and antibody validation.

August talks about autoantibody profiling in psychiatric disorders.

Catch-up on-demand: High Density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics