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Multi-pronged functional proteomics approaches for biomarker discovery in chronic and infectious diseases

Arrayjet's webinar series continues in May with guest speakers from Centro de Investigación del Cáncer (IBMCC-FICUS). We'll be learning about multi-pronged functional proteomics approaches for biomarker discovery, focusing on chronic illness, cancer, and infectious diseases.

The event will take place at 8am UTC / 4pm BST / 5pm CET and includes a live Q&A.  An on-demand recording will be available shortly after.

Registration is now open, and you can secure your free place here.

Carbohydrate Microarray and Novel Glycoprofiling Applications

Combining the high-throughput capacity of car­bo­hydrate microarray with the specificity of monoclonal antibodies has potential across many applications.

William George Tycho Willats from N8 AgriFood, and Silvia Vidal Melgosa from Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, demonstrated ways to determine substrate specificity of carbohydrate-active enzymes, and how the same principle can be used to screen other enzymes types, such as proteases.

Seromics: Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint

Each individual carries a 'fingerprint' of antibodies that describes a lifetime of immune experiences to foods, allergens, viruses, the microbiome, and other exposures. This fingerprint is exceptionally unique to each individual and can remain stable for decades - but what does it mean?

In this talk, CDI's director of Biomarker Development Tyler Hulett, PhD, will discuss the potential importance of anti-viral and autoantibody seromics technologies - what we already know about the antibody fingerprint - and what we still don't know - using example data from SARS-CoV-2, cancer, and autoimmune patients.

High-Density Protein Arrays and Affinity Proteomics

Arrayjet welcomes Ronald Sjöberg and August Jernbom Falk from the KTH affinity proteomics group at the SciLifeLab in Stockholm to discuss the high-density protein array developed by the Peter Nilsson group. 

Ronald heads up the Autoimmunity Profiling facility and supported by the Human Protein Atlas offers proteome-wide screening for autoantibody reactivity, epitope mapping, and antibody validation.

August talks about autoantibody profiling in psychiatric disorders.