Custom Microarray Printing Services

Contract microarray printing: The Arrayjet Advance™ advantage

Contract microarray printing: The Arrayjet Advance™ advantage

Outsourcing to Arrayjet Advance™ gives customers access to our microarray application expertise and the fastest, most innovative microarray printers at our ISO 13485:2016 compliant facility.
You will be assigned an experienced scientist who will guide your custom array printing project from R&D discovery assays through to commercial biochip production.  Whether you are new to microarrays and looking for a cost-effective way to develop your assay, or simply need to outsource some chip manufacturing, we are ready to collaborate with you.

Printing is optimised and easily scaled for mass manufacture of high- or low-density arrays on slides, microtiter plates, biochips, or membranes. 
If high-throughput screening is your aim, we have developed a novel method, ArrayPlex™.   ArrayPlex™ allows you to cost-effectively screen combinatorial libraries and can output up to 2 million data points in a single assay. 


What can you expect from us?

Arrayjet choose to work closely with customers and include regular touchpoints so your project can be started faster, and you can receive reliable results from the beginning. 

During initial discussions we will work with you to understand your critical success factors.  We will then design a detailed protocol before any printing takes place.  Once the project is complete, the results will be shared for your own evaluation.  Batch records are maintained to ensure full traceability. 

We understand that sending samples overseas can seem daunting.  To mitigate these risks for our global customers, Arrayjet Advance™ scientists provide end-to-end sample shipment support:

International Shipping Document.

We welcome any type of project and are always open to new ideas.  Why not check out some of the applications we specialise in?