Custom Microarray Printing Services

Custom microarray printing: the Arrayjet Advance™ advantage

Arrayjet Advance™ custom array services give customers access to our microarray application expertise and the fastest, reliable microarray printers. Whether you want to develop a new assay, or outsource the manufacturing of an existing one, our scientists are ready to collaborate.

Assay Development & Contract Research 

We can support you with assay conception and proof-of-concept, through to scaled-up R&D and manufacture. Equipped with cutting-edge printers and 20+ years of microarray expertise, our team will deliver the experimental design, optimised protocols, and/or results you need to achieve your project goals.

Contract Manufacture 

Overcome limits on time and expand your capacity when you outsource manufacturing to us. Printing is optimised and easily scaled for mass manufacture of high- or low-density arrays on slides, microtiter plates, biochips, or membranes. 

All custom microarray services are delivered from our ISO13485:2016-compliant facility in Scotland.

We welcome any type of project and are always open to new ideas.


What can you expect from working with us?

You will be assigned an experienced scientist who will collaborate closely with you and guide your project. Regular touchpoints mean projects are started faster, stay aligned to your goals, and deliver reliable results throughout. 

During initial discussions we will work with you to understand your critical success factors.  We will then design a detailed protocol before any printing takes place.  Once the project is complete, the results will be shared for your evaluation.  Batch records are maintained to ensure full traceability. 

We understand that sending samples overseas can seem daunting.  To mitigate these risks for our global customers, Arrayjet Advance™ scientists provide end-to-end sample shipment support:

International Shipping Document.

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