Antibody specificity and characterisation

Antibody specificity and characterisation

Antibodies are vital research tools, but unless properly validated they can yield inconsistent data, wasting time, money and valuable samples.

Arrayjet customers have utilised protein microarray to independently validate thousands of antibodies against cross-reactivity and batch-to-batch variation.


Antibody validation microarray

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Antibody cross-reactivity testing against thousands of human proteins


Selected publications

High-density antigen microarrays for the assessment of antibody selectivity and off-target binding
R. Sjoberg, E. Andersson, C. Hellstrom, C. Mattsson, J. M. Schwenk, P. Nilsson, and B. Ayoglu
Methods in Molecular Biology


"Our Arrayjet Marathon has been instrumental in achieving the throughput and reliability that have been needed for the production of antigen arrays for validation of 47,000 antibodies within the Human Protein Atlas. It has also shown to be highly suitable for the production of our large-scale arrays that comprise over 20,000 features per array in both antigen and reverse phase serum arrays. We have arrayed more than 12,000 slides with the Arrayjet Marathon over the last five years and it has become a very important part of our research group and the SciLifeLab National Affinity Proteomics protein array facility."

Peter Nilsson, Principal Investigator, The Human Protein Atlas, Stockholm